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"Winning with patience and resilience"


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Rossari Biotech

Rossari Biotech started its journey in 1997. The company was co-founded in 2003 as a partnership firm in the name of Rossari Labtech by Mr. Edward Walter Menezes, and Mr. Sunil Srinivasan Chari, who are both Chemical Engineers and career-technocrats cumulatively having over 45 years of experience in the specialty chemicals industry. It was further renamed to Rossari Biotech Limited and converted into a company in 2009. With a pioneering vision of being the leading and most reliable solution provider globally in its sectors of choice with a focus on sustainability, Rossari Biotech is now India's frontrunners in textile and specialty chemical manufacturers based on sales of fiscal 2019 with over two decade history of innovative, agile, and rapid growth. They provide customized solutions to industrial and production requirements of their customers through their diversified product portfolio. Building upon their expertise from textiles, they have successfully diversified into the animal health and nutrition, home, personal care and performance chemicals markets.

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McCoy Group

McCoy group dates back to the 1980s, when Late Shri Vinod Kumar Malhotra set up Teknos India, which was a Silicone trading firm for a Kolkata based company. Amit Malhotra, started his career at Teknos in 1992 with Sales of Silicone and Silicone Rubber Emulsions. Tapping into a huge demand and lesser supplies market, Amit’s visionary approach and willingness to take risk, led the company to increase its sales by 25 times within 2 years. Amit started McCoy and by 1999 McCoy became a Distributor of a German MNC and thus McCoy group commenced operations in India. McCoy group steadily advanced into Silicone based sealants and formed a Joint Venture with Soudal-Belgium. McCoy-Soudal set up a manufacturing plant in Bawal, Haryana, near New Delhi. Additionally, McCoy Performance Silicones Pvt Ltd was established to manufacture and distribute Performance Silicones for textiles, construction, and personal care products. With a 25 year experience of trading to manufacturing silicones- textiles, rubber, agrochemicals, McCoy Group has established themselves as a reliable and trusted supplier of Silicone based products. To know more please see www.mccoygroup.in

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KK Chemical Industries

KK Chemical Industries was founded in 1998 by Mr Nitin Sethi and Sumant Agrawal,who are both Chemical Engineers. The company started as a Silicone Distributor for multiple industries and went on to set-up a Silicone Manufacturing plant in Vasai, near Mumbai. With an urge to constantly learn, their drive was to create chemistries and make way for something bigger and better. They ensured to utilize their abilities of research and development to not only successfully scale up to huge capacities of existing chemistries but also create new chemistries in the field of Silicones and their derivatives. With more than 25 years of experience, KK Chemical Industries is an established supplier of Silicone specialities to the market.

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Joint Venture Timeline


McCoy group partnered with KK Chemical Industries to fulfill its need for a local and capable manufacturing unit with an advanced R&D facility. Mutual benefits from the business partnership started flowing in within a few months.


McCoy group and Rossari Biotech developed a relationship based on mutual respect and similar vision for their respective companies. Eventually business followed with McCoy and KK providing Speciality Fluids and Import Substitutes to Rossari.


Based on the shared vision of “Make in India-for the World”, a mutual decision was made wherein Rossari Biotech would Invest in McCoy and KK Chemical Industries to add to its existing Silicone Chemistry capacities thus fuelling its mission of dominance in their existing as well as in the HPPC and AgroChemical sectors.


ROMAKK [RO : Rossari Group MA: McCoy Group KK: KK Chemical Industries] came into existence within 18 months during the Covid-19 Pandemic and reinforced the belief in patience and resilience.

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